Luxury Arctic Charr - From the far reaches of Norway.

Welcome to Finnmarksrøya, join us on a journey to a place that has no sunlight for months at a time - where we find light in the waters. The Arctic Charr.
About Us

An introduction to a unique part of the world.

Our opportunity to offer fresh Arctic Charr from our facility in Ropelv - North Norway. Fish that thrives in freezing temperatures... You could say we have that covered. We wish you a warm welcome to Finnmark's Arctic Charr.
Velkommen til Finnmarksrøya!

Bror Jonny Bergman – Daglig leder

The Finnmarksrøya Way.

We produce 2 tons per week and over 100 tons a year.
The temperature of the water follows the seasons. 2.5 degrees in winter and approx. 11 degrees in summer.
One Fillet weighs 200 to 300 grams and has a slaughter weight of 800 grams.
Green production – electricity is only used to produce oxygen for the fish and lighting.
The fish live in cold water that never warms up. Making this the healthier choice.

An Exclusive Experience

Arctic Charr from pure mountain waters.

Our Finnmark charr lives in enormous amounts of running fresh water. It loves it, and builds up its outstanding quality there. It is never medicated. It never has diseases.

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A dish to remember

From the lake to the table.

We have a standard to meet, our product is used in the busiest tourist locations in North Norway. Our fish are also being delivered to Finland and the Norwegian capital of Oslo.

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Ropelv - A serenity in the mountains.

A waterfall - without the use of electricity

This is Ropelv, our plant was established in 2007. The facility is a modern construction that is built with respect and concern for the surroundings. Care has been taken to provide an extraordinary product.

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Something we'd like to share with the world.

But don't tell anyone!

Finnmarksrøya is Norway's best-kept secret and a delight for the eye and palate. A fantastic raw material, and a winner of food awards - Nutritionally this is a brilliant product.

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We offer sustainable, healthy and
locally sourced food. This is Finnmarksrøya.

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